Register now – pre-PDAC Conference hosted by RAISE

Mi3 Communications Financieres is presenting at RAISE’S conference February 28 alongside some of our clients.  We would like to host all of our Investors & Finance Individuals!

RAISE at the PDAC is an exclusive event for investors & finance individuals who INVEST in resource stocks.  A one-day event introducing resource companies to investors & finance individuals by a series of scheduled one-on-one meetings.  The event is small & unique, and committed to making everyone feel like a VIP feel all day long.  16 Companies will be available to meet – various stages of development, market capitalization, commodity and geography! Presenting companies are mainly looking to create awareness & attract market support, some presenting their open financing!

REGISTRATION: The conference is FREE for Investors, Investment Advisors, Portfolio Managers and Funds. You have the OPTION to register & join us for the full day of meetings, join us only for the half day of scheduled meetings in the AM, or join us for the PM open-session meetings.

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Neil Lock, CEO of RAISE