Other Services

Roadshows in Major Cities Across Canada

To maximize shareholder value, public companies need to develop their relationships with shareholders, potential investors and the financial community. At MI3, our PR roadshows are well recognized for their one-on-one format. One good reason to come to Montreal for your next investor roadshow is that Montreal and Quebec City represent 23% of Canada’s investment dollars. MI3 can help you expand your shareholder base by as much as 30% in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.



Proactive Phone Campaign

As a follow-up to your latest news release, let us conduct  a campaign of phone calls on your behalf to your shareholders, retail brokers, pro-traders, institutional and active investors and other strategic parties. Our experienced teams will ensure that your news release is received, read and remembered. Campaign targets can be generated from our 3,500 name list, your list, or a combination of the two. Targets can be located across Canada or focused in specific areas, such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Québec City. Campaign packages range from one-day blitzes to ongoing long-term phone campaigns.



Online Distribution

At MI3, we have two strategic partners for online distribution: Stockinvestorplace.com and VantageWire ™.

Stockinvestorplace.com has generated a list of 45,000 Canadian and 70,000 US investors who want to receive information about mining companies. Each month, your press releases will be distributed to more than 115,000 investors in Canada and United States.

VantageWire™ has revolutionized the way investors receive accurate and up-to-date stock information. Not only do they offer investors free real-time stock quotes on all North American exchanges, they create awareness for publicly-traded companies through their extensive online investment community (approx. 140,000 investors) by news dissemination, corporate profiling, video and presentation hosting, newsletters, banner advertisements and strategic partnerships with television and online financial communities such as BNN and Reuters Insider. VantageWire™ will work with you to help ensure that investors are always watching your stock and following your company’s progress every step of the way.



Mining Insight Report

This independent report is produced by Terence S. Ortslan, a mining engineer with 35 years of experience and a field analyst for TSO and Associates. Mining companies will get an independent evaluation of their flagship project, in one hard copy report and three updates through the year. You will be able to disseminate this report directly or have MI3 disseminate it to members of the Canadian financial community. This is a research report with an unbiased recommendation.