LeanLife finalizes marketing plan for energy drink

2020-12-29 07:02 ET – News Release

Mr. Stan Lis reports


LeanLife Health Inc.’s executive team has finalized and committed to an aggressive sales and marketing plan for 2021.

This sales and marketing program will build upon the sales and distribution agreement with the Jet Collection and leverage the strong interest the company is receiving for its Mike Tyson-branded Iron Energy drink in both Canada and the United States.

Stan Lis, chief executive officer and director of LeanLife, stated: « Given the strength of Iron Energy combined with the branding of legendary Mike Tyson, we are confident it will give us the opportunity to emerge as one [of the] top energy drinks in the North American market. It will be competitively positioned against the leading brands like Monster and Red Bull. There will be an opportunity to acquire additional territories around the world after successful rollout in North America. »

Gavin Mah, chief operating officer of LeanLife, stated, « LeanLife is in negotiation with additional sales and distribution channels with the objective to have access to the majority of major U.S. retail outlets by the end of 2021. »

About LeanLife Health Inc

FoodCare, the supplier and manufacturer of Iron Drinks, is one of the leaders in Poland’s energy drink market and has also grown Iron Energy into the leading brand in the Middle East. It believes the product will appeal to North American consumers as well.

The annual value of the combined U.S. and Canadian energy drink markets is estimated at over $14-billion (U.S.). Red Bull is the market leader and pursues a premium price strategy; LeanLife aims to be aggressively positioned in this market category.